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Meet Dr. Jeff Otto

Dr. Jeff OttoFrom the Birthplace of Chiropractic to the Olympic Training Center

I was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa which is also the birthplace of modern chiropractic. From an early age, I was exposed to the practice and philosophy of chiropractic, where I was initially introduced to the natural ability of our bodies to heal without drugs or surgery. I did not know this would become my profession until several decades later.

Since the age of 5, I have been active in various team and individual sports as well as many other recreational activities. After high school, I transitioned into cycling and have been a competitive cyclist ever since. I have traveled all over United States to compete, train or just to enjoy the scenery of various locations. I was invited twice to the elite men’s training camp at the Olympic Training Center, placed on the podium for US championships and won multiple state championships in various cycling disciplines in multiple states.

Being influenced early in life by exposure to natural healing arts, I have always sought alternative and natural care to enhance my performance and to recover from injuries regardless of their severity.

A Palmer Graduate

In 1995, just after the last finals test of my first trimester at Palmer Chiropractic College, I suffered a life-threatening head injury that left me unable to read, in a constant state of vertigo and prone to seizures. Believing in the power of my body to heal itself from the inside out, I forsook the conventional medical paradigm of drugs and the limited prognosis for complete recovery they gave me. Instead, I looked to chiropractic, meditation and other forms of alternative medicine to recover.

A month after my accident, I returned to my studies at Palmer College with the rest of my class. I helped organize the first mountain bike race for the Chiropractic Games, scheduled just three months after my accident, and went on to win that event. By the end of 6 months following his accident, I had substantially recovered my health, despite the severity of my injury. In 1998, I graduated from Palmer College, and was the team captain for “Tour De Spine” a fund-raising event for spinal research.

A Passion for Helping Others

In combination with chiropractic, this experience propelled my continuing passion to learn more about how to help the body heal naturally, work better and to help others improve their health outcomes. I have seen people struggle with chronic conditions resulting from nutritional and lifestyle choices, illnesses that chiropractic alone could not help. To better serve these clients and address their issues, I have recently completed coursework in functional and ancestral health, including Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Level One course in 2016, several courses from IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) and the Primal Health Coach program in early 2017.

I have a wellness philosophy and believe in treating my clients as integrated holistic beings, treating the whole person, not parts of the person. To achieve this, I combine a client’s unique health history with chiropractic and if needed comprehensive lab test results to discover the root cause of the client’s health issues instead of treating symptoms. Subsequently, I incorporate these principles into care plans for my clients to help them heal. “The wise prevent rather than treat disease”.

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