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Meet Dr. Danielle Cornelius

portrait-of-dr-danielleDr. Danielle Cornelius has a passion for educating and empowering people. Her central aim is to provide patients’ bodies, minds, and spirits with the best care possible. She has dedicated her life to learning and practicing the most natural, gentle ways of balancing the nervous system to promote optimum healing.

She has a BA in communications and a doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Western States University. In 2017, she studied with Dr. Jennifer Mercier and became certified in the Merciér Therapy, a research-backed holistic infertility treatment protocol showing an 83% fertility success rate within 1 year. Also a Certified Reiki Master, Dr. Cornelius brings warmth, presence, and calmness to all of her sessions.

In addition to traditional spinal care, Dr. Cornelius supports Women’s Health as a certified practitioner of Holistic Pelvic Care and Holistic Pelvic Energy. Using modalities pioneered by Tami Kent MSTP, Dr. Cornelius addresses a variety of female pelvic issues including, but not limited to; infertility, incontinence, pregnancy and birth recovery, pelvic pain, prolapse, pain with intercourse, tailbone pain, and hemorrhoids.

Dr. Cornelius was born and raised in the PNW and has called Portland home for the last 20 years. She enjoys hanging with her dog Betty and her cat Frank. When she’s not geeking over all things Women’s Health, you can find her on a hiking trail or in her garden.

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