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Meet Our New Chiropractic Preceptor, Christine Walty

Christine, Chiropractic PreceptorSince Christine can remember she has always had an interest in the health care field. She was inspired by her mother who was a nurse. In addition, her anatomy teacher in high school was a Chiropractor and left a lasting impression. Prior to Chiropractic school, Christine received her Bachelors of Science at Oregon State University with the major of General Science and a minor in Psychology.
Christine has been involved with health care for many years. She has experience as a CNA, a dialysis technician, and throughout her Chiropractic education she worked in medical records with Providence Medical Group.

Chiropractic Education and Experience

Christine is a proud 2018 graduate from University of Western States in Portland. During the last year as a clinical intern, she began treating patients. One patient, suffering injuries from a motor vehicle accident, told Christine that her care and attention as a doctor relieved significant pain and stress from the ordeal.

During her time in Chiropractic College she enjoyed her various biomechanics courses. “I also loved the adjusting labs and the different ways to adjust patients. I always appreciated doing hands-on work and applying what I learned in class to my patients out in the field.”
Christine particularly enjoys taking care of the general population, and has a particular interest in Pediatrics and Women’s Health. She is also involved in the BIRTHFIT™ movement, which empowers women to take control of their health throughout the motherhood transition. Chiropractic is one of the movement’s four pillars; the others are fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not caring for patients, Dr. Christine loves to travel and go to the gym. She’s also a marathon runner. Recently married, she and her spouse have a lovable Blue Nose Pitbull mix named Blue.

We are pleased to introduce our new Preceptor Christine! Comment below or stop by the clinic to greet her with a warm welcome!

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