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This month we are celebrating the 126th birthday of chiropractic!

The origins of chiropractic date back to September 18th, 1895 when the founder, Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer), performed a chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard. (Chinese and Greek references to chiropractic care date back to 2000 BC.)  Shortly after this adjustment, Harvey noticed that his hearing seemed to be improving. It was initially believed that these adjustments would cure the loss of hearing, so naturally, thousands of people lined up to get adjusted.  No one else had a restoration of hearing, but many realized that OTHER areas of their bodily systems were functioning better than ever before; i.e. improved digestion, fewer headaches, clear skin, and better, more restful sleep.  D.D. then decided to open a school to teach chiropractic 2 years later in Davenport, Iowa. This school is called Palmer Chiropractic College and there are now 3 locations in the US. 

In 1906, D.D.’s son B.J. Palmer continued to progress the profession with the use of x-ray technology. Utilizing x-ray allowed chiropractors to analyze misalignments in the spine which was now theorized to be the root cause of all dis-ease or dysfunction. At this time a chiropractor named Dr. Solon Langworthy published his book on the term “subluxation” — or misalignment of the vertebrae. They discovered that they were not treating specific diseases or conditions but rather, improving the signals between the brain and the body by correcting spinal misalignments. Better nerve function = better organ function. Both D.D. and B.J. Palmer continued to study how spinal adjustments relieved pain and improved function throughout the body with all of their patients.

The term “chiropractic” literally translates to “done by hand”. This means that a chiropractor’s approach to health does not include the use of drugs or surgery. It has the understanding that humans are self-healing organisms and that many dysfunctions in the body can be restored without drugs or surgery. Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system housed within it, to preserve and restore health. The understanding that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when functioning properly.

The chiropractic approach to healing and health differs from the traditional medical view. A chiropractor will evaluate the entire person as a whole entity during the examination rather than just focusing on only one symptom or specific part of the body. We know the body can maintain and heal itself in most cases, without the implementation of chemicals or surgery. And in the midst of the opioid epidemic, chiropractic has been able to provide relief to individuals experiencing pain physically and emotionally, helping thousands avoid the need for prescription drugs.

Today, there are more than 70,000 licensed chiropractors in the US providing essential health care to over 35 million adults and children each year. Regardless of pain, chiropractors will always focus on improving function, so you can experience your life to the fullest – now that is something to celebrate!


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  1. Donna M Darling says
    Sep 17, 2021 at 4:40 PM

    Happy Birthday Chiropractic Care!

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