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Our Informative In-office Workshops

The mission of our practice is to support our patients through the delivery of outstanding chiropractic care and unique opportunities to grow and thrive in the world around them.

In keeping with that vision, Devine Chiropractic offers a wide variety of fun and interesting classes on a rotational basis. These educational opportunities range from meditation and raw food preparation to baby sign language and introductory yoga.

Please look at our rotating workshop schedule and sign up for the classes that you find intriguing. We encourage you to bring a friend. See you there!

Mark your calendars!

Don’t miss this invaluable seasonal series of classes aimed at rounding out your care and getting you to optimal health faster. All classes are at Devine Chiropractic and all classes are included with care unless noted.

The Vital Shift/New Patient Dinner


(Held monthly, please call for dates and times)

The definition of vital is important or essential. This dinner is vital to your process here as a patient, we find attendees have more successful outcomes. So, let us treat you to dinner and get you started on the road to wellness! You’ll learn all about: holistic health, corrective care, subluxations, and how to cultivate healthy habits.

Bring a friend you think could benefit from chiropractic care.

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detoxification-workshopBring a friend and please RSVP for any class you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

Detoxification- The Path to Abundant Energy

Tuesday, February 19th at 7-9 pm

We overindulge during the holidays and are left feeling sluggish and sick, the New Year is a great time to press the “reset button” for the body. Dr. Christine Walty, DC will discuss symptoms of toxicity, help you identify where you might be having issues, and she will offer quick and easy tips for proper detoxification and getting you back to health asap.

With:Dr. Christine Walty

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Chiropractor Beaverton, Dr. Ron Pacheco

Undo Your Day Class

Tuesday, February 19th at 6 pm

Sitting at a desk during a typical work day or commute can be hard on the body. Learn stretches for improved posture, pain relief, and better range of motion. Come ready to participate in this active demonstration focused on the health and function of the upper extremities!

Speaker: Dr. Ronald Pacheco, DC



sleep-deprivationBring a friend and please RSVP for any class you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

Sleep Deprivation and the Solution

Tuesday, March 5th at 7-9 pm

Can you feel spring in the air? Are there hints of longer days and warmer weather? Daylight Savings Time is on 3/10/2019 this year; and even though you might feel beyond ready for more sunlight, the time change can be very jarring for the body’s internal clock leaving most people groggy and discombobulated. Dr.Christine Walty, DC will discuss the most pressing sleep issues and share easy-to-implement tips for making this transition an easier one

With:Dr. Christine Walty

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Chiropractor Beaverton, Dr. Jeff Devine

Sleep Class

Wednesday, March 13th at 6 pm

Daylight Savings is March 10th this year. It seems like a little thing, but that slight shift in hours can really discombobulate people. If you struggle to get good, quality sleep, come to our
in-office Doc Talk and walk away with quick and easy tricks to help you maximize your sleep cycle and thereby create more energy.

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Devine


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